• Jean is a highly intuitive coach that truly knows how to hold space as you process. I appreciate so much how closely she listens to what is being said, and perhaps what is not being said. Her insightful questions always help lead me to clarity about my own truth. As a coach she will help you to develop concrete goals and action steps, and will cheer you on and celebrate with you when you take them. She will also be there when you need to take a reflection break. She is comfortable and skilled in both of these areas. She will sit by your side when you need to rest, and she will nudge you forward when you are ready.

    Margot S.
  • This is deep, enigmatic work. I felt grounded and safe, connected to a source I could sense but not name or understand. Jean is that rare person able to deftly stand by your side, holding this mystery with you, for you. I highly recommend her work to anyone searching for a modality with potential to heal oneself and one’s ancestors.

    Hilary S.
  • I believe the healing work of Family Constellations is vital for the human species at this time. I attend Jean's workshops regularly and refer my clients to her because the experience dissolves the egoic illusion of separation that is the root of all suffering. I have been committed to deep psycho-spiritual work for over a decade, and I've found that when when I feel really stuck in patterns that I know are not serving me, and my usual practices aren't creating a shift, I know there is something deeper going on. It didn't start with me. I'm manifesting a dysfunction in my family and ancestral lineage and the energy must be released in order for me to move forward. As a facilitator, Jean has a wide-awake, grounded presence, utterly attuned and responsive to the many layers of complexity that are happening in the Constellation moment by moment, as well as a deep trust in the unpredictable magic of the healing field. Her experience and faith make it possible for even brand-new participants to let go into the mystery, to illuminate and release longstanding, inherited patterns of dysfunction they didn't even know were there.

    Jenny Campbell | www.enneawake.com
  • I hired Jean as a coach, and my work with her over this past year has literally transformed my life. I came to her in utter and complete grief and transition, trying to understand how to manage being a single mom as a result of an awful divorce complete with court orders, with young children and the weight of raising them and being financially responsible for them as my young children and the weight of raising them and being financially responsible for them as my reality. I was in complete fight or flight mode, surviving and constantly looking out for myself, unable to surrender to anything or anyone, and unable to see my own worth. Just thinking about our work together brings me to tears. My life is a miracle. I learned to grieve, found my way towards my own self worth, found the strength to carry on and support my kids and keep them stable in situations and circumstances that didn't feel like stability was possible. Jean helped me process my own family's woundings and how they had impacted me through her Family Constellation facilitation. She showed me and literally gave me my sense of worth. I felt my heart open up. I learned to surrender. I grew accustomed to feeling grounded and made myself a priority.

    Since I began my work with Jean, I have become unrecognizable to my former self. I have grown in strength and authenticity. I am sleeping like a normal person and am committed to doing deep inner work without fear or avoidance. I've opened up a second business and am building a life for myself and my children of which I am proud. I am healing and reflecting and loving the freedom and the power I have to be fully present in all aspects of my life and I could not be here without her guidance, love and commitment she has brought to our work. I am so so grateful to have Jean in my life.

    Christine Chapman, founder Personalized Educational Solutions and Education Station
  • Since meeting Jean and attending her classes last year my self awareness and ability to calm my inner storm has improved beyond any expectation I had going into the class. Apart from the amazing in-class benefits I've received from restorative yoga and guided meditation, Jean has encouraged and provided tools to continue those benefits throughout my week across my life. My parenting has changed because I am taking care of myself, and am using strategies and tools to reflect on situations "in the moment".

    It is clear that Jean is "living her practice"- not just preaching. She is beyond prepared at every session and has an uncanny ability to pick topics that are pertinent to my life. Her spiritual being and positive demeanor are inspiring and have made such an impact in my life. I highly recommend her classes.

    Jennifer D.
  • Life's path brought me to the time that I need to start the journey of re-discovery. My first stop on my road trip was enrollment in Jean's Yoga and Meditation Circle... Very simply said: for anyone interested in yoga, spiritual growth, exploration and adventure, this trip should be on the top of your to-do list

    Eileen L.

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