Next workshop: Saturday, March 30 from  1-4 pm; 5 Wildwood Dr. in Sherborn MA

We are all a product of the hardships, choices, trauma and turmoil experienced by our ancestors.   Science has proven the effects of trauma can be carried down through the generations through our family DNA. By tapping into the energies of our lineage, we can identify unconscious patterns we have inherited that keep us stuck and limit our potential. In this workshop, we will experience the transformative power of connecting to our ancestors and shine the light on the disowned or separated parts to identify disruptive behaviors and beliefs we inherit in a family system. It is from here that we can begin to uncover and embrace new ways of shifting into more empowering ways of being.

Whether it is your own family constellation that is set up, or you serve as a “representative,” or simply observe the process, the family wounding that is revealed is typically a collective wounding and all participants can benefit in a meaningful way. All that is required is an open heart and a curious mind, along with courage and a willingness to look at your family patterns that have been limiting your potential to fully love and express your authentic self.

This deeply transformative and mystical work is intended for anyone who is curious to explore their family shadows and experience the healing power of Family and Systemic Constellations.  Whether you are new to the work or have experience, there is always useful information that can be accessed through the “Knowing Field” or energy that is created when a group consciously comes together with the intention to heal ourselves and our families.

Attendance is limited to 20 participants and advance registration is required.

Next workshop is April 26, 2019, and will be offered, monthly, with the intent to build a deep container together by meeting regularly and explore our family systems as a group. (Consistent attendance is encouraged, but NOT required.)

More general background information on Family Constellations can also be found at http://www.westcoastconstellations.com/what-are-constellations/.

INVESTMENT: $60 each workshop

DATE: Saturday, March 30, 2019 

TIME: 1 pm – 4 pm

LOCATION: 5 Wildwood Drive, Sherborn MA

QUESTIONS – CONTACT:  Jean Papagni at jeanpapagni@comcast.net or (508) 353-0291


Jean Papagni has been practicing in the field of Family and Systemic Constellations since 2008. She has studied with Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld, of Seeing with Your Heart in Providence Rhode Island (a 2-year intensive training program) and is a member of the Family Constellation Learning Group with Samvedam Randles, of The Inner Arts Institute in Watertown MA.  Jean is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through CTI, Reiki Master, yoga and meditation teacher and is committed to helping others live authentically and in alignment with their divine mission.

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