Like you, when imagining my motherhood, I didn’t consider that I would have a child that would require more of my time energy and love than I ever could have thought possible. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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And some days it’s REALLY HARD.

I imagine you’re here because you’ve realized your needs are important too and you’re ready to take better care of you.

Prior to being a mother, I had my dream job doing corporate public relations. I spent years building my career, and then life gifted me with a healthy baby girl. And the day after she was born, the doctor informed us that she had Down syndrome. The shock and grief of that news hit us hard. How can this be? What do we do now? How can I possibly be equipped to mother a child with such a significant disability? It was beyond overwhelming to process that news.

I attempted to return to work as I had originally planned, but my heart was with my baby girl. Climbing the corporate ladder was no longer of interest to me, so after a year of trying to make it work, I made the decision to relinquish my career and the comfortable paycheck, to stay at home full-time. Three years later, I was blessed with a second baby girl and was committed to my decision to continue as a full-time stay-at-home mother, but inside I was feeling lost, alone and depressed. I began to realize that I was mourning the loss of my professional identity, and also still mourning the truth that my first child would have significant challenges and would be very different from her peers.

I felt lost — I was not part of the working mom club and I felt like an outsider in the stay-at-home mom club.

I felt like 100% of my existence had turned into caring for my family, and my needs fell to the bottom of the priority list, and I thought “Is this all there is for me?” I was unhappy and unfulfilled. This deep sadness began to take a toll on my marriage and my health.

I knew there had to be a better way to live my life, so I launched an intense mission to connect with the deeper meaning in my special needs mothering, and I began a quest to discover who I was now and what I truly wanted in my life. I was ready to stop blaming the factors outside of me for my unhappiness and take responsibility for the quality of my life.

It was then that I made a commitment to get to know myself deeply and begin connecting again to people and opportunities that made my heart sing. I began to reconnect with the parts of me that I had abandoned when I became a mother, and explore new interests that were now ready to be revealed.

I dove head first into deeply transformative spiritual growth work that helped me to see I was not a victim, and that I could shape my life into something more vibrant and resonant with who I was becoming. I learned tools and joined like-minded communities to help me discover how to access my experiences, creativity, passions, and skills to meaningfully serve the world as I continued a deeply satisfying and challenging mothering journey.

Yoga, meditation, and the many paths of my spiritual seeking became the essential means to regain my balance and my connection to the truth of who I was as a mother and a woman and what I wanted in my life.

These experiences led me to pursue life coaching and yoga teacher certification and it seemed logical to marry the two to support moms of children with special needs. I was raised Catholic and then as an adult chose to pursue a less defined spiritual path exploring many different spiritual traditions. I consider myself to be deeply spiritual, and I am in awe of the magic and miracles of everyday life. I believe we all have an important mission to fill while on the planet, and that our lives are a continual unfolding of discovering that mission from a deeply heart-centered place.

I also believe you have the resources inside you to live a fully expressed and joyful life, despite how hard it can be sometimes. My greatest breakthrough came when I realized the Universe was full of support and guidance if I only asked.

Most importantly, I believe we are here to discover how deeply and authentically we can love ourselves and one another. I am learning that self-compassion and self-love are at the root of my happiness and life satisfaction.

I bring all of what I have learned and experienced in my life into my coaching and my yoga and meditation classes and invite you to reach out to see how I may support you. You do not have to do this alone. It would be an honor to walk beside you as you navigate this unique and wondrous path of exploration and self-discovery.

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