“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

Family and Systemic Constellation Workshops

Where they are offered and format:

These workshops are typically offered monthly in the Metro West Boston area. (Please reach out if you would like to schedule a workshop in your area). It is a mixed gender group between 15-20 people and we gather to practice Family Constellations work for a half day or full day workshop format. The term “Family Constellation” does not mean gathering your family together, but rather one person presents a challenge they would like to look at and others workshop attendees stand in to represent members of their family or other energies in the dynamic that is being set up.

What to expect:

We begin with a meditation for grounding and centering and to create a sacred container for our work together. There may be an opening small group exercise in which all participants are given an opportunity to “represent” to begin tuning in to the energies present in your life that are seeking your attention. It is emphasized that there is no way to do this “wrong”, and that most of us have been taught to disregard our intuition since early childhood. Family Constellations work provides an opportunity to reconnect with our innate wisdom and the wisdom from our ancestors to support our healing.

Depending on the length of the workshop we will do at least one large group Family Constellation. Those interested in having their personal constellation done will be either briefly interviewed or chosen randomly to be the “focus” client for that family constellations. The remaining participants will be asked if they are willing to stand in and “represent” the energies that we choose to bring forward for that particular constellation. There is no expectation that all attendees must serve as a representative — some will choose to represent, and others will choose to observe while also holding the container for the work being done.

A Family Constellation lasts typically between 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity, and we end with a group debrief to complete our time together.



WHAT:  Family and Systemic Constellations Workshop

DATE: Friday, June 21st from 10 am – 3 pm

WHERE: 7 Blackthorne Circle, Hopkinton MA

A gluten and dairy free vegetarian light lunch will be provided. Please bring your own snacks or food to accommodate additional dietary restrictions.

COST: $80



“Where do I even begin? The Family Constellation Workshop that I attended four weeks ago, was nothing short of incredible & life changing! 

I’d never even heard of Family Constellation Therapy before, but I have to admit when I saw the workshop posted on Facebook, I was very curious and felt drawn to attend. I’ve always a had great respect for Jean and I knew that if she thought enough of it to teach it, it had to be good — so I signed up & I’m so glad I did!

This isn’t one of those “run of the mill” workshops where you sit and information is pushed at you. No, far from it! This is a very interactive workshop designed for deep inner enlightenment and it delivers! 

When the workshop started, my first reaction was “ooh, this is kind of different ” — I was a bit when the workshop started, my first reaction was “ooh, this is kind of different ” — I was a bit apprehensive, but once it got underway I realized that there was something much bigger energetically happening — something magical going on! If you’re looking for real transformation, the kind that brings about deep understanding, growth and energy shifts, then this is your workshop!

Holy wow, it was AMAZING! Everything I thought I knew about my family patterns was played out right in front of me and a lot that I didn’t know was there as well! Being an observer of myself & my family members in action & connecting the dots was the most intense, incredible, exhausting and all around exhilarating experience I’ve ever had in the area of personal growth! It rocked me to the core — I shook, I cried, I laughed and at times I felt a bit overwhelmed, but it was so worth it! I had so many aha moments! The understanding that I gained changed my whole perspective! At the end of it all, I felt so much lighter, like a huge weight was lifted off my back — I felt a sense of freedom and understanding that has brought me great inner peace. I was able to release so much anger and blame that I honestly didn’t even know I had! I walked away feeling nothing but gratitude for the biggest struggles in life where I had previously felt like a victim. I’d been searching for a way to really “let go” of the past & move forward and this workshop was the catalyst to do just that! In talking to my husband about it, I told him that I felt like I had accomplished 6 months of therapy in a 4-hour workshop! I’ve never experienced such rapid transformation!

Of course, in order to experience this kind of transformation, you’ve got to have an excellent facilitator. One who can guide the session in a way that produces the richest opportunities for growth and that’s exactly what Jean did! She has a keen eye and ear and understands the process fully, which enables all participants to connect, learn and grow!

It’s such powerful work! If you’re serious about healing the past and moving forward, you’ve got to attend this workshop! You won’t regret it! Thank you

Thank you Jean for your guidance and support! The world needs more caring, knowledgeable facilitators like you! This is such important work that not only heals us, but has the power to shift generations of suffering.

Looking forward to your next workshop!”
Martie P.

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