My entire life changed, once I had the courage to ask for help.

Why work with me? Because it is way more effective (and more fun) than powering through your challenges alone! I know many of your struggles and I know what it feels like to live each day with anxiety and overwhelm. I found my way through it and I’m here to help you do the same – accountability ensures forward movement!

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I did the struggle alone thing for a long time. It only resulted in more anxiety, overwhelm, depression and despair.

I clawed my way out of that hole by aligning myself with others who understood my challenges and who had experience, wisdom and perspective that could help me. And I decided my sanity and peace of mind were valuable commodities, not just for me, but for my entire family.

 If you are wanting personalized guidance and support, I work with moms over the phone and by Skype to look at what you’re currently struggling with, break it down into smaller components, and identify what is preventing you from experiencing a more peaceful and joyful life. We meet every other week for 50-minute sessions over 6 months. In our time together, we will touch on the 9 essential components of my “Journey Back to You” coaching program:

Whole Life Satisfaction Overview

Prior to your first coaching session, you will complete an in-depth questionnaire which will offer us both insight on where you are now and where you want to be in your life. Our first session is 90 minutes in length to dive deep to review your current satisfaction level with the many areas of your life and set the priorities for the areas in which you are seeking the greatest shifts. This will guide our sessions and support you in clarifying what you deeply desire in your life.

 Self-Care Action Plan

How are you caring for yourself? Can you give yourself permission to take care of you? We will review your current self care practices and brainstorm creative ways that will better support you in managing the many demands on your time and energy. This is a critical first step to creating a more balanced and joyful life. Everyone benefits!

Limiting Belief Identification

We will shine the light on the limiting beliefs and negative inner voices that hold you back from going after what you really want. They have been running the show for a long time and it is time to bring them out of the shadows so you can learn to work with them. We will create effective and simple strategies to temper your inner critic and allow your true voice – your higher self — to be the boss.

Guilt-Free Mothering

We will name the undercurrent of guilt that often comes along with being a mother of a special needs child. The persistent question of “Am I doing or being enough for my child” is real and can suck the life force out of you if not acknowledged. We will evaluate all current services for your child and if there are gaps, come up with a plan to fill them. We may also find that what you are doing is just right for your child, for you and for your family. Sometimes less is more, and we will review the needs of everyone in the family, including you.

Intuition Development

Do you trust that you have all the answers inside you and that you are Divinely guided? We will explore ways to deepen your connection to your higher self – the part of you who knows you are wise, strong and courageous – so you can make decisions with more confidence, ease and peace. When your child’s team recommends something or omits something and you sense something needs to change, you need to listen to that voice. It’s takes courage and conviction to trust your inner knowing and speak up. This is where you learn to trust yourself.

Grief Honoring and Release

Who were you before you became a mother of a child with special needs? Was this version of you abandoned for this new role you had no preparation for? We will honor who you were before life brought you this curve ball to determine what parts of her need to be revived and what parts need to be released, so you can step fully into the new and best version of you. This can be one of the more difficult but essential steps in creating space within to claim your new life and who you want to be now. Allowing yourself to grieve the life you dreamed you would have as a mother, does not diminish the love you have for your child or children – it frees up critical space within you to step into a beautiful life with full acceptance and grace.

Support Team Creation

Mothering a child with special needs can often feel isolating – most other moms cannot relate, and you often feel like a fish out of water. Sometimes asking for help is the hardest first step. We will identify resources and people for you to actively connect with in your community to get the support you need so you don’t have to feel alone and can make the hard decisions more confidently and easefully. It’s time to expand your tribe calling in support from others who really “get” your challenges.

Creative Mojo Flow

Was there a creative side to you that got back burnered as your mothering responsibilities steadily grew? Creativity comes in so many forms and is an essential part of you. We will identify your creative longings – either left behind or never acknowledged but now emerging – and find ways to weave them into your life to better nurture yourself and bring more balance to your life. Here we will also explore some fun manifestation concepts. How big can you dream?

Reignite Your Sacred Marriage Flame

Parenting takes a toll on most marriages as time and attention shifts from each other to the children. But with special needs parenting, it becomes particularly challenging to stay emotionally and physically connected given the extraordinary demands on your time and energy. We will assess your current satisfaction with your relationship, and clarify what you are hoping your relationship can become with inspired intention and action.

By the end of our time together you will have implemented effective support structures for yourself, both internally and externally, and you will gain clarity on who you are now, what you want most out of your life, and how to continue shaping your life in a way that nourishes both you and your family.

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