September 6, 2017

Feeling the Need to Purge?

I’m no expert in astrology, but it does fascinate me and I like to follow the stages of the moon and track how it affects me.  Some months it can be quite interesting. I worked as a bank teller as part of a bank management training program many moons ago (haha) and the running joke among the tellers was knowing it was a full moon because the customers coming into the bank would inevitably act in kooky and unpredictable ways that was unlike any other time of the month. It’s a thing, I’m sure of it. How are YOU feeling in this post-eclipse full moon?

I know some of you are rolling your eyes and think astrology is plain hooey. And others may be fully on board. And some of you are intrigued. Well, I kinda vacillate among all three of those places at various times, but right now I’m in a “fully on board” place mostly due to what I am noticing around this recent solar eclipse. Beyond all the hype — I mean tuning in to how I’ve been FEELING lately.  I always struggle with feeling overwhelmed, but recently it’s felt different.  More like an excited overwhelm.  Like, “oh I know I can’t possibly get it all done, but I’m going to have fun doing what I can.”  That is truly new territory for me.

What I am learning about this solar eclipse time (the impacts of which go way beyond the actual event), is that it represents a merging of the shadow and the light as well as the masculine and feminine qualities within all of us.  Can you see how this is playing out in our world?  How about in yourself?  When my astrologer informed me this is the time to purge all that no longer serves me, I knew it was time and I felt ready.  I’m going closet by closet and drawer by drawer.  It may take me a LONG TIME, but I am committed to the effort.

I am also using this eclipse season to take inventory of what is in my psyche that no longer serves me.  Hmmm, where should I begin – fear of being seen, fear of looking bad, fear of being judged, feeling not enough, blah, blah, blah.  What would it feel like to actually be able to release all of these? It has been and continues to be a process, but I feel it picking up in intensity now and I am reluctantly on board and am staying open to the new possibilities it will bring. What beliefs do you need to let go of?  One way to explore this is to look at one disempowering belief that you have and craft a statement that says the opposite and put this as an affirmation someplace where you will see it everyday.  Read it everyday for one month and notice how you feel.

There are lots of ways to clear out your inner clutter, but you must first have the courage to identify what that clutter actually is. You may be so accustomed to saying negative things to yourself that you don’t even realize you are doing it. Identify the negative belief, identify what the new belief COULD be, then choose to take that belief on as an experiment to see what affect it has on you. You always have the option open to go back to the old belief if you are really attached to it.  My guess is you will choose differently or at least have more awareness to catch yourself more often.

For me, this truly is a practice, just like my yoga and meditation practice, and is an ongoing work in progress.  Some days feel like epic fails and others not, and I keep recommitting to the practice.  If you find you have more time to yourself now that school is back in session, what are the new practices or new ways of being that make you feel lighter, happier or peaceful? Take the time to identify what truly feeds you.  And do more of that.

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